Hi Nicolas,

On Sun, Aug 18, 2019 at 3:24 PM Nicolas Couchoud <nicolas.couchoud__ledgersmb@normalesup.org> wrote:
[ snip ]
> I need the content of the 'sha' column for each of the files you patched
> (indicated in the 'path' column). Could you send me the sha of that file?
> I want to see if I can recreate the same SHA. (or that I need to send you
> a new sha for that column...)

  The only file I patched in direcftory sql/changes is
sql/changes/1.5/open_forms_callers.sql . The corresponding sha column in
table db_patches is
  In my patched file I added a comment in French so it may be difficult for
you to obtain the same sha.

Thanks for sending the SHA, I was just working on completing the change and the builders are running to verify the commits.

We thought beforehand that it would be hard to maintain the exact same content of the files over time -- either because of space-reformatting or because we (or someone else--like you) would feel or even have the need to add comments. So: as it happens, the SHA of the file I prepared in the commit that's being verified *matches* yours!




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