Hi Erik,

still on 1.2.26 as it is the last version where I can freely change all existing invoices. As mistakes happen or clients want some other description etc changes on them, this is really important to us.

But as latest version of Debian where 1.2.26 works is Debian 8 and it's end of life is June 30th 2020 we are planning to move away from LedgerSMB to some other software. Already migrating some companies starting 2019 and rest is planned starting from 2020.

If there has been any changes in allowing to change existing invoices (both parts and services), then it would be good to know before we have left completely.

All the Best,


Kontakt Erik Huelsmann (<ehuels@gmail.com>) kirjutas kuupäeval T, 1. jaanuar 2019 kell 16:41:
Hi all,

Migrations have become considerably more controlled since the 1.5 release, which introduces a smooth migration from 1.4.

As such migration paths do not exist for 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3, I'm eager to learn if there are any users out there of these old versions, and, if you're not migratiing, what's keeping you from doing so.

If you can't publicly respond to this inquiry, please mail me privately so I can treat your information confidentially.

Thanks for your responses,



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