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I'm having troubles with configuration, setup, running.  I have
been using SQL-Ledger for many years but now I must update...

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I can access the ledgersmb login using links browser pointed to
localhost.  But I'm failing to figure out how to allows LAN access.

The Debian package has been configured to allow only secure access by limiting the Starman server to access from 'localhost'. In your server, there should be a file called /etc/default/ledgersmb. In that file, there's a configuration parameter called LISTEN_ADDRESS (set to 'localhost' by default)

By commenting out the line "LISTEN_ADDRESS=localhost" (and restarting the ledgersmb service, i.e. Starman), Starman will bind to all available interfaces, allowing access from other IP addresses and machines than just the local one. That should at least get you up and running being able to access the system.
I have a fresh install of Debian on a machine.  I used the package
manager to install ledgerSMB 1.6.9.  To keep it light, no X.  This
system is for a very small organization.  One login typical, never
more than 5, access from inside the LAN only. 

Any clues on how to setup Apache or Starman or ??  to make this
setup work?

I think the above should be sufficient; if you find Starman too slow, there are 2 options in your setup: to increase the number of workers on Starman, which will help Starman serve your pages.  The other option (but more complex) is to use Apache or Nginx as a reverse proxy; either will take less resources to serve the static content. However, in your scenario, I doubt that 5 or 7 workers won't be enough to provide a snappy experience.

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