Hi Pete,

On Thu, Nov 19, 2020 at 11:48 PM Pete Houston <ph1@openstrike.co.uk> wrote:
> postscript output but is simply the raw latex source.
> >
> Ok. Can you share the first line(s) of your template? I think I know what's
> missing, but would like to confirm it.

Yes. The output you've pasted below confirms it. Your template is missing this essential bit:

<?lsmb FILTER latex { format="$FORMAT(pdflatex)" }; -?>

at the top and at the bottom:

<?lsmb END; -?>

Please note that after the end, you should have zero or 1 newline,  but not a whole series, because any newlines on top of the first will be added to the output.

That should do the trick for both postscript and PDF output. If it doesn't, you can change "$FORMAT(pdflatex)" to "ps" to hard-code the output to be postscript (even for PDF).

Hope that helps!





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