Hi Istvan,

Thanks for your efforts!

You could upload to https://download.ledgersmb.org/f/Virtual%20Appliance/virtualbox/ ; I'll provide you with access if you can send me your SSH public key (privately).

Or I could download it there for you.

Let me know!



On Sat, Jul 6, 2019 at 11:39 AM Pongrácz István <pongracz.istvan@gmail.com> wrote:

I just created a fresh virtualbox image to install ledgersmb 1.6.10 on it.

It is really a basic image:
- Ubuntu 18.02 Server, updated on 6th of Jun, 2019
- added ppa:ledgersmb
- added postgresql repository (pgdg.list)
- postgresql 11 installed
- ledgersmb 1.6.10 installed, listens on *:5762
- created on Virtualbox 6.0, exported as OVA, basic information included in description (login etc.), 1.7GB packed size

Todo after starting (only quick hints):
- set up network
- change users/passwords
- recreate ssh server keys
- whatever

Where can I upload officially?




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