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I used LSMB briefly many years ago before my IT work evolved into having one full-time client - and then I retired. Now I have a friend who might be interested in LSMB.
I know data can be exported as CSV but have people written their own custom export facilities for producing custom formats for their accountants to easily import / digest? - my preference would be to write a Ruby script to do something like this.

Given the lack of response, I think the answer is "no"... However, I'm working on a "command-line client" application which is supposed to be able to do something like this. The outlines are only shaping now as I'm working on administrative commands first. However, I'm definitely open to adding more import/export commands to the script, if there are generally useful cases to be made.

We are in Australia BTW so any comments re LSMB and Australian tax forms etc and multi-currency stuff is also appreciated!

I've included David Godfrey, who is also in Australia. He might know people with the same or similar issues.

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