After the merge of the (improved) Multi Currency Support branch (MC branch), we have released a preview version of LedgerSMB 1.7.0. It's not feature complete yet, but is intended as a general sense of direction for the 1.7.0 release and a way to solicit feedback.

Note that you should run this version *only* on a *copy* of your database; this version is NOT intended for production use.

The full changelog for 1.7.0 so far is included below. The most important feature by far is the improved multi currency support, which required quite extensive changes to the software. As such, this is the feature we're looking for feedback on most.
If you need help getting set up to test 1.7.0-alpha1, please let me know!

Changelog for 1.7 Series

New functionalities
* Deletion of template transactions (Nick P)
* Transaction date now part of purchase history report (Chris T)
* UI allows addition and removal of custom `account_link` flags (Nick P)

Improved foreign currency support
* Multiple rates per day per currency (Erik H)
  - Reversing a transaction from a closed-period on a day with different rate
  - Bank transfers with different banks on the same day with bank's fx rate
  - Migration from systems which support per-transaction or per-line fx rates
* Multiple currencies in a single general ledger transaction (Erik H)
  - Posting an opening balance with all currencies in 1 transaction
  - Transferring between foreign currencies on e.g. Paypal in 1 transaction
* Fixed copying of invoice copies fx rate without option to change (Erik H)
* UI showing foreign and default currency amounts in transactions (Erik H)

Quality Assurance
* Expanded checks and resolutions for schema changes (Erik H)
* Testing infrastructure and tests for schema change checks (Erik H)
* Ensure correct dependency declaration (RequireExplicitInclusion critic policy)
* POD documentation structure improvements, with automated checks (Erik H)
* Expanded BDD tests, including payments, batches and approval (Nick P)

Dependency updates
* Dojo Toolkit (JavaScript UI tools) updated to 1.14.2 (Erik H)

Code cleanup
* Removed deprecated 'custom table' and 'custom field' tables (Erik H)
* Reduce dependencies on deprecated LedgerSMB::App_State (Nick P)
* Simplified deprecated LedgerSMB::PGOld (Nick P)
* Remove unused LedgerSMB::DBObject and LedgerSMB::PGOld methods (Nick P)
* Remove unused configuration settings in ledgersmb.conf (Erik H)
* Further (compared to 1.6) reduction of warnings
* Implemented tests for LedgerSMB::File(::*) modules (Nick P)
* Template engine simplification by separation of UI and printed docs (Erik H)
* Consistent copyright notices - with tests - on all Perl files in lib/ (Nick P)
* Request handling cleanup by mapping 'flat' POST data into hierarchy (Erik H)

Nick P is Nick Prater
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Chris T is Chris Travers



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