Hi all,

On August 14, Debian released the 11th version of its Linux distribution: Bullseye. Where the previous version (10 / Buster) had seriously broken packages for LedgerSMB -- to the extent that you could say that LedgerSMB wasn't really included at all --, we were just in time before the code freeze to submit fixed packages to Bullseye. The fixed packages quickly migrated to various Debian-based distributions, including Ubuntu (which included the fixed package in 21.04 / hirsute).

Sending this mail to notify anybody who tried to install LedgerSMB using the distribution-supplied packages on Debian or Ubuntu: the packages in the latest stable repositories should be working correctly again!

PS: While the packages are back in a working state, the current release is 1.6.9. The goal for Debian 12 (Bookworm) is to deliver a close-to-current version of LedgerSMB when it releases.



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